AABC/BJCP Beer Style Guidelines

AABC 2023/BJCP Beer Style Guidelines (For 2024 Comp)

1. These guidelines are only required by those entering beer classes 1.1 – 18.9, and can be used to determine what style classes to enter your beers (based on the style descriptions outlined).

2. These classes correspond with those in the Grafton Brewing Competition Program 2024 booklet.

3. The AABC 2023 Guidelines are the same as the AABC 2022 Guidelines, with the only change being that the ‘New Zealand Pilsner’ style has been moved to the ‘Pale Lager’ category, from the ‘Pale Ale’ category. (This corrects a mistake made by AABC in 2022).

4. The AABC 2023 Guidelines are based on the BJCP 2021 Guidelines (which are current as these are not updated every year). The AABC 2023 Guidelines includes additional styles added specifically for Australia and omits selected styles not applicable to Australia but found in the BJCP 2021 Guidelines.